• 1868

    Carl Brodmann returned to Italy and founded the fame piano laboratory HPES dedicated to the study of piano tone after 12 years’ work in Boesendorfer.

  • 1874

    The first customized Fiona Piano was finished in Italy (later renamed as FIONA. The Heart of The Sea, stored in Trieste currently).

  • 1878

    The brand of Fiona had become a series product of HPES for sale under the authority.

  • 1894

    The 20th anniversary limited memorial edition of FIONA. The Heart of The Sea was born.

  • 1927

    HEPS built factories in Germany, where is responsible for the production of FIONA high-end series piano.

  • 1941

    FIONA factory production line in Italy closed and the German branch was responsible for all FIONA series production.

  • 1943

    The Second World War broke out and the factory had been destroyed, so the production of FIONA in Europe was forced to shut down.

  • 1953

    Adolf Brodmann, the grandson of Carl Brodmann, inherited the family business.

  • 1973

    Rolf Brodmann, the son of Adolf Brodmann, inherited the family brand and maintained it until today.

  • 2012 April

    Italian FIONA company officially set up an office in Shanghai, China

  • 2012 June

    PETROF company paid the first visit to FIONA Shanghai. In August, the top management visited PETROF company for the first time. After two months, both sides achieved an agreement and signed a contract. FIONA SHANGHAI LTD is in charge of the sales of PETROF series products in China.

  • 2012 November

    FIONA SHANGHAILTD was officially established.

  • 2013 February

    The first SCHOLZE upright pianos were produced. Three months later, the first FIONA domestic upright pianos were produced. In June, the first FIONA domestic grand piano is produced. In August, the first domestic SHOLZE grand piano was produced.

  • 2013 August

    The first domestic FIONA upright piano was imported overseas.

  • 2013 August

     FIONA LTD held International Piano Instructors program in Xiamen, Fujian. In October, it attended the Shanghai International Music Instrument Exhibition for the first time.

  • 2014 May

    FIONA SHANGHAI LTD set up a plant in Shanghai.

  • 2014 September

    The annual sales reached 1,000 for the first time.

  • 2016 June

    Fiona piano (Shanghai) Limited in co-operation with Japan's Toyo Piano Manufacturing established our first Manufacturing base in Asia to provide the Chinese consumers with good quality pianos that are produced with international quality control and assurance standards.

  • 2016 August

    PETROF companysupplied Italian FIONA with resources for the first time.