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Brand story

FIONA has a century history of classic culture with unique design and excellent craft. Its supreme art provides the piano amateurs with visual and acoustic enjoyment. In 1874, it was the first FIONA when the 8-year-old Farussio Banwennote Busoni performed Mozart piano concerto in C minor with the piano his mother sent him.

The design of PIANO adopted metal frame partly, with re-tensioned column and pillar and plate to straighten the string. The mechanic interlock is designed by the single control string. The string hammers are wrapped with leather. Besides the extraordinary design, the clear and melodious sound also attracted Busoni. It has powerful keystrokes and shifting wonderful sound, especially the bass string. With the promotion of the market, the piano amateurs and some Busoni followers are longing for a piano with FIONA LOGO. Therefore, FIONA became a most important series of HPES PIANO.

Contract artist

One of the signing artists of FIONA:

Professor Andrey Shibko

Andrey Shibko was born on March 8th, in 1975, Minsk.
His teachers are Professor E. Poukst of Minsk conservatory of Music and Valery Kastelsky, a famous pianist.
He won the first prize in the 19th Deangilo International Music Competition in April of 1996, Erie, Pennsylvania, USA.
He was the champion of the competition held in Porto, Portugal, in 1998.
He won the third prize of GézaAnda Competition of Zurich, in 2000.
He won the third prize of world piano competition in London, in 2002.
Meanwhile, he is European famous Grand Award Winner .

When you listen to Andrey Shibko playing piano, you are sure to feel the harmony of the melody. He can perform different music with his natural presentation, vivid emotion and stylized skills.

One of the signing artists of FIONA:

Karl-Andreas Kolly

A Swiss professor of Conservatory of Music, with whom FIONA formally signed.
He is the image spokesperson of FIONA.
He is known as European outstanding Young pianist.
Apart from teaching, he attends the concert shows all over the world. He is a music artist with the ability of teaching and performance.

Kolly made good use of pedals. He behaves like a master, just like Bach.
Christophe Howell thought highly of Kolly.

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